Thursday, June 17, 2010

{} Take Back the Land- Miami Arrest Video. A MUST watch

Ashaundra Young was arrested during a Take Back the Land- Miami eviction defense of her apartment complex, 830 NW 70th St. in Miami, FL, on June 15, 2010.  After Take Back the Land member Max Rameau was arrested, Ashaundra led the protests and chants against the police. She was arrested and charged with a felony- inciting a riot- and spent the night in jail. We have secured the video of the arrest and the actions leading up to it. You must watch this shocking video.

For the rest of her life, Ashaundra Young must tell potential employers that she was arrested and charged with felony incitement to riot, an admission which will severely curtail her job opportunities. In addition, if convicted, she will lose her right to vote in Florida, due to the Florida felon disenfranchisement laws.

In the video, Ashaundra is clearly PREVENTING a riot, by calming down a young man upset by the eviction and preventing his arrest. However, because she is leading the protests, she is targeted and arrested herself. Take Back the Land considers her a political defendant and urges everyone to email and call State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle and demand they drop the charges on Ashaundra Young.


The Take Back the Land Movement has arranged a lawyer for Ashaundra, but we need your support- including donations, which can be made at

WATCH the video of the entire arrest and the actions leading up to that arrest at

See previous coverage of the protest itself, including photos, video and news stories at

Take Back the Land- Miami is part of the Take Back the Land Movement, a network of organizations devoted to elevating housing to the level of a human right and gaining community control over land. The network is coordinated by the US Human Rights Network ( Get more information at

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