Saturday, July 10, 2010

{} ONE DC Liberates Land in Nation's Capital


Metro DC police plan to evict community from Tent City on Monday July 12

Community organization ONE DC "liberated" a vacant lot in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC on the afternoon of Saturday, July 10, 2010. The contentious Parcel 42, upon which Mayor Adrian Fenty promised to build affordable housing only to break the promise and sell to developers, was reclaimed by ONE DC, local residents and supporters. As of Saturday night, ONE DC and supporters are building a tent city on the land to house people. Police said they will "allow" protesters to remain "until Monday."

After starting the day with their annual block party, ONE DC upped the ante in the Shaw neighborhood, near Howard University, by marching approximately 200 people over to the corner of 7th and S Streets NW, entering Parcel 42 and building a tent city.

After denouncing Mayor Fenty for going against his promise, organizer Rosemary Ndubuizu led the crowd from the block party to the lot as member Franklin Brooks led the chants.

Following a few speeches and some celebration, DC police arrived with the special ops unit. Executive Director and police liaison Dominic Moulden asserted the right to engage in civil disobedience and won a stay from police action. The officer in charge stated that if people wanted to remain on the lot "that is fine- until Monday."

ONE DC is demanding Parcel 42 is used to build "truly affordable" housing- intended for families making under $50,000 and under $25,000 per year- in a community where such housing is badly needed. If Mayor Fenty and other officials are unwilling to build it, they argue, then the community must create such housing itself.

ONE DC is an autonomous organization which is affiliated with the Take Back the Land- Movement, a network of organizations fighting for the human right to housing.



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