Monday, April 13, 2009

Take Back the Land on ABC World News Tonight 04-12-09


The current housing crisis is unlike any we have seen in generations. Sometimes a crisis occurs because there are too many houses and not enough families to move in them, deflating values and creating ghost towns. Most often, though, there are not enough homes to meet the needs of people and we demand more houses be built. In this crisis, however, there is a surplus of both vacant homes and families looking for vacant homes. Take Back the Land has been matching homeless people with people-less homes.

Find out more here:

  • ABC World News Tonight reported on Take Back the Land and our efforts to liberate housing on the April 12, 2009 broadcast. Follow the link below to see the story:

  • Also check out the New York Times story on the growing trend of squatting and other utilization of vacant foreclosed homes, including Take Back the Land:

  • In addition, check out this video of Take Back the Land moving the Conley-Trody family back into the home from which they were evicted:

Take Back the Land asserts that housing is a human right and that it is immoral to keep homes vacant while there are human beings living on the street. This moral outrage is only compounded when one considers the banks who own these houses have already been paid billions of dollars for those homes already in the form of tax money from the same people who need homes in the first place.

A growing movement of organizations and individuals across the US are making good use of vacant houses by placing or defending the right of families to remain in foreclosed homes. Housing must fundamentally be about homes for human beings, not profits for corporations. Take Back the Land is inspired by the courageous families fighting for their right to housing and making a new more humane world possible.

A movement is building and we urge you to support and advance the struggle to elevate housing to the status of a human right.

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Take Back the Land on ABC World News 04-12-09

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Take Back the Land on Good Morning America 04-11-09


Below is a link to the video of Take Back the Land featured on Good Morning America.

If you have not already seen and read the NY Times piece on Take Back the Land, you can read it here:

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Take Back the Land in the New York Times 04-10-09

Greetings All:

Please check out the Friday, April 10, 2009 edition of the New York Times, reporting on the growing necessity and trend of liberation housing in the US. This is the beginning of a real US land struggle and the social justice movement must come to grips with our relationship to that struggle.

As part of that story, the Times covers two families placed by Take Back the Land in Miami.

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