Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Week of Action Calendar


Here is what you have been waiting for... the calender of events for the Week of Action Against Gentrification and For Low-Income Housing. This is the first draft, and will be updated regularly as we add actions and events, so check our blog, takebacktheland.blogspot.com, on a regular basis.

The objective of the Week of Action is to expose the crisis of gentrification and low-income housing in South Florida, especially the role local government and government officials- such as Miami-Dade County and County Commissioner Dorrin Rolle- have played in making the crisis worse. While most people think government should help the poor, some people believe the role of government is to steal money from the poor and give it to wealthy, politically connected campaign contributors who also hire your friends and relatives.

The events are independently organized. This is not one centrally ran campaign. If you have events you want to include in the Week of Action calendar, please email afrimax@gmail.com with all pertinent information.

As you will note, some of the actions only have a meeting place and time. When you arrive, you will find out more about the action. Here is a quick rundown of events:


Monday, January 29
6pm Spokescouncil Meeting
Arcola Lakes Park, 1301 NW 83 St., Miami
Guerilla Art/Superbowl Party
9pm @ Umoja Village, 6201 NW 17th Ave.

Tuesday, January 30
• 10am. Banner/Sign/Puppet Making
Umoja Village Shantytown
6pm. Gentrification Teach In
Umoja Village Shantytown
Guerilla Art/Superbowl Party
9pm @ Umoja Village

Wednesday, January 31
9am. Anti-Coal Conference Action
10am. Tour of Shame
3pm. Set Up Tent City at County Hall
111 NW First St., Miami
7pm. Global Land Struggles Discussion
Tap-Tap Rest. • 819 5th St., South Beach

Thursday, February 1
Action Against Gentrification and For Low-Income Housing
12 noon at Power U Center for Social Change
1633 NW 3rd Ave.
• Glitz and Glam Granny Cheer Squad
3:30pm @ NFL YET Center
70th St. and NW 22nd Ave.
Guerilla Art/Superbowl Party
8pm @ Tent City

Friday, February 2
7am. Vets for Peace War Memorial
Ocean Drive between 8th & 10th st. Place tombstones on South Beach
Guerilla Art/Superbowl Party
8pm @ Tent City

Saturday, February 3
1pm Free Speech Rally
South Florida Peace & Justice, Torch of Friendship • Biscayne Blvd. and SW 1st St., downtown Miami
Tent City Party
Guerilla Art/Superbowl Party
8pm @ Tent City

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