Friday, December 15, 2006

How to stop the raid

Here is what you can do to stop the raid:

The city of Miami commission will vote in January, at the second reading, on a new law to make it illegal for people to "assemble" on vacant lots without a permit from the police. There are already laws against tresspassing, etc. The ordinance is clearly and openly designed to set the stage for an attack on the shantytown.

Please call, fax and email city of Miami officials and tell them to vote against the anti-shantytown law. Tell them the shantytown is needed because there is no low income housing in Miami and the city should build some. Most of all, tell them not to raid the Umoja Village Shantytown.

Mayor Manny Diaz (tell him to veto the anti-shantytown law)
phone: 305-250-5300
fax: 305-854-4001

District 5 Commissioner Michelle Spence Jones
phone: 305-250-5390
fax: 305-250-5399

District 1 Commissioner Angel Gonzalez
phone: 305-250-5430

District 2 Commissioner Marc Sarnoff
phone: 305-250-5333

District 3 Commissioner Joe Sanchez
phone: 305-250-5380
fax: 305-250-5386

District 4 Commissioner Tomas Regalado
phone: 305-250-5420

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