Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thankstaking, er, Thanksgiving Dinner

It is that time of year again: the time to celebrate made up stories of imperialist settlers offering food to the Natives they had not yet killed. We call it Thanksgiving, but it was Thanks-taking for the pilgrims.

In spite of the shady pedigree, the Umoja Village Shantytown is planning a full dinner for our residents and neighbors on land we took over ourselves. We have turkeys out of our collective wazoo, however, we are in need of some contributions from you.

If the spirit moves you, we need the following items for Thursday, November 23, 2006:

- Money. Cash, check and paypal contributions are needed to complete our meals.
- Side items (cranberry sauce; mashed potatoes; potato salad; macaroni and cheese; dessert; fresh fruits and vegetables; any side item you and your family would enjoy. Store bought items are welcome)
- Blankets. It is still very cold and we are still picking up additional guests. We need blankets.
- Drinks. Water, juice, soda and any other non-alcoholic drinks are needed.
- Paper plates, paper cups and napkins.
- Time. Spend some time serving and cleaning up.

We are eating at 3:00pm on Thursday, so drop your contribution anytime on Tuesday or before 3:00pm on Thursday. Thank you!


Liza said...

Well, maybe I am not strict enough about taking Thanksgiving's history into account when I interpret it on my own, but I still think it is a good holiday. In my family it has always been an opportunity to articulate to your loved ones how grateful you are for them, and for the joy in your life, and to meditate on that joy a little bit more than usual. It has never had anything to do with the pilgrims, really, except for in elementary school. Though maybe it should be more historically conscious, still I like it the way it is for me. =) I probably won't be able to come out tomorrow, but a very happy Thanksgiving to you all - I hope there is a little more for Umoja's inhabitants to be thankful for this year (e.g. community, empowerment . . .) I really admire what you all are doing, and I give thanks to the people who have done it every day.

Anonymous said...

Still very cold- in Miami? Haha.

Keep up the good work.